Friday, March 30, 2012

Buga Boo's First Birthday!

A year has come and gone in a flash and I can't believe it's time for Jack Jack's birthday party. My special little guy has grown so much in this past year and I'm just glad he did all that growing outside of the womb!! So far he has kept those beautiful blue eyes that he got from one of his GG's (great grandmas), sunshine yellow hair and a wonderful laugh.
Right now some of his favorite things are animals, balls, bananas, reading with daddy at night, cars, Baby McDonald, going shoe free, and trying to catch the kitty!

Joseph and I decided for the big day we would go over to Lattin's Cider Mill  because there are animals to feed, hay rides, face painting, pumpkins and of course cider!

Jackson loves to ride on his daddy's back. Sometimes he get a little too enthusiastic about it...

It was so cute to see all the guys riding in the tiny animal carts with the kids. I know there were some sore rear ends after the ride was done.

Jack and the other kids had a blast feeding the animals! There were goats, sheep, turkeys, pigs, chickens and many more!

We can't miss a photo opportunity with this much cuteness hanging around! It was tricky to get Kaylee, Jack and Skyler to look at the camera at the same time. This is the best we came up with!

No photoshop here. Those are his natural baby blues. My handsome boys!

This was the best shot I could get of all the kids together... We have Dylan, Skyler, Kaylee, Lincoln and Jack!

Jack's friends and cousins were having so much fun helping Jack open all his presents with him! It was super cute and done in a flash!! 


Jack's first attempt at eating cake. He was being a bit shy about it so daddy helped him along.... 

oh my goodness.. I love that his face ended up looking like The Joker from Batman. Why so serious? Because I have cake all over my face!!!

We continued with the farm animal theme for cupcakes and ice cream.

We cranked up the music for a dance party after cake. I love this picture of Jessica and Annie! Jack got a horsey for his birthday and everyone wanted a turn. 

I hope everyone had as much fun as Jack did and thanks for coming and celebrating his special day. 

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Lindsey H. said...

Oh we missed out on a great party!