Attempting Craftiness

Of those that know me know most of my crafting is in the form of baked goods but every once and a while (thanks in large to Pinterest) I venture out into the world beyond my oven into a place where I'm not too sure or comfortable. Here are some of the examples from that realm. 

The First Craft I Ever Made

Well at least the first of my married life. Everything else that came before was done with a lot of hand holding by others! My besties (Amy, Heather and Lindsey) threw me a shower before my first son Jack was born and gave me these cardboard letters with his initials. I held onto them for the longest time not knowing what to do. Then one day I came across this article in a Land of Nod catalog!

Eureka! Just the kind of inspiration I was looking for! I ended up using the string and googly eyes ideas and came up with this.

The "J" is acrylic paint and nickels, the "F" is yarn and a button that I attached with glue and the "B" is more acrylic paint and glued on googly eyes. 

My next challenge was doing one for my son Max before he was born. I came back to the Land of Nod  photo for more inspiration. 

The "B" is a bunch of puff balls and acrylic paint, the "K" is mod podge scrapbook paper and acrylic paint and the "M" is just acrylic paint. 

I'm still trying to decide if I should add anything to the "M". What do you guys think?

Well there you have it! I absolutely LOVE Pinterest and hope to have more craftiness on here soon! 

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