Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April is CRAZY!!! (Warning this is a long post!!)

Every year in April the Bipperts have a million things going on, no matter what year it is! This year we have something going on every weekend!! So here we go!

April 3rd: Michael Buble for Joe's B-day!

For Christmas this year I thought it would be fun to plan really far in advance and get my husband concert tickets around his birthday. Michael Buble just happened to be in town on his b-day so I had to snag those tickets!! I always forget that his birthday is so close to conference that I probably shouldn't plan anything until the weekend before or after his birthday...well too late, already had the tix!

I was able to acquire floor seats but they were 4 seats apart from each other. We got there and the seats were great!! They were in the very front of this walkway so Joe had tons of room for his feet (which he loves!) and the people that we were sitting next to didn't mind if I sat next to him and they were over one spot! Super nice!!

This is about how close we were from our floor seats. He was doing Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" right here. He is a really funny guy by the way! He was cracking jokes about Tiger Woods, being engaged and all sorts of stuff!

About half way though the concert they rolled out this mini stage RIGHT DOWN OUR ISLE!! He came out and sang "Home" with one of his band members playing acoustic guitar. It was awesome!! Joe gave him a pat on the back as he was going down the stage past our seats... hehe

The rest of the concert was great we were able to dance in the isle because of all the room and inspired the people sitting next to us to dance as well. I hope my dear husband had a wonderful time for his birthday and I am so grateful to have him in my life.

April 10th: Vancouver, B.C. Temple Open House!

We had been planning with our friends Rich and Allisha for weeks about heading up to Vancouver for the open house of the temple. We had gone to the DMV to get enhanced driver's licenses because we both didn't have passports. The people there told us it would take about 2 it was cutting it close! We waited day after day and they never arrived.... until the day we had to leave!! So we hurried up, packed our bags, and left to Vancouver!

I don't have alot of pictures of the first half of the trip because we forgot to charge our camera...

Of course all of the temples are beautiful and this one was no exception! The chandeliers in the main lobby were dark around the edges and all over the temple there were accents of the dogwood flower. On the door handles, engraved into the carpet, even some of the chandeliers looked like bunches of dogwood. The one in the bridal room was the most impressive!

Later that day we ventured down to Stanley Park. They have these larger than life statues just outside of the park that are modeled after the artist. Inside the park there was people dancing, painting, bike riding, and this great play area we had to go visit.

It's hard to miss this guy in the park...Spandy Andy. All he needs is a boombox and a crowd!

The last day we were there we tried to find the Olympic Torch...I mean Cauldron. We ended up in the slums of Vancouver where people wear garbage bags and viking hats (true story). Needless to say we were a little lost so Rich stopped to ask for directions. He decided to ask the man in the slums wearing the 3 piece suit and his business associate that were grabbing a briefcase out of the back of an suv. Needless to say he wasn't much help but we ended up finding it anyways...and didn't get capped in the slums.

The cauldron ended up being kind of a bust... there was this big blue dumpster right near it and it was all fenced off and torn up. They were remodeling it for Canada Day or something like that. The finished product looked like it was going to be pretty though!

Last stop on our trip was the Tulip Festival back in the good ol' U.S. of A. I had never been there but I'm a huge flower nut so it was a lot of fun!

Skyler met a girl while we were there. It was so cute!!

April 24th: Corinne's B-Day in the Olympic Peninsula

For my birthday this year we decided to go to the Forks, Kalalock, and La Push area to discover the beautiful outdoors. The first night we were at Kalalock which is a beautiful rv site near the ocean but it didn't have any hookups. We walked on the beach and found this awesome tree that was hanging on for dear life between these two hills. there was a small waterfall underneath it that had eroded the land that was once there.

We relocated our trailer to a site just outside of Forks that had hookups. It was still a nice site just not near the ocean.
Our next outdoor adventure took us to Rialto Beach which is just before La Push. We had read about it in a book that said there were cool tide pools around here. It was about a 3 mile walk out to where they were and it dumped rain the entire time!! By the time we got back to the truck it looked like we had gone swimming in the ocean in our clothes! We quickly headed back to the trailer and spent the rest of the evening drying off, drinking cocoa and watching "Friends" episodes. (Thanks to Rich and Allisha again for letting us borrow those!)

So that sums up most of April! Baby wise I'm doing great! The second trimester is wonderful because I"m not as tired and my hips don't bug me anymore! YEAY! May is going to bring some fun adventures too. We are going to Utah to visit my family and also go down to Zion and Bryce canyon.

Oh and we also find out what were having in May!! We wish we knew now but I guess we'll have to keep being patient...