Monday, September 27, 2010


Ok I'm super behind on blogging!! Here is an overview of what we've been up to the past few months!


We go down to Lake Fair every year. This year was a little different!
#1: I was pregnant so all of the elephant ears, fries, and deep fried ice cream was calling my name and of course I had to sample it all...
#2: We had family in town with us. Which is always fun! :)

These are some of our friends that joined us at the fair . Sam, Amy, and their little bundle of joy Parker also Heather and cute little Kaylee (Isaiah had to work, sad) Joe and I will be joining the stroller club soon enough!!

Jason and Tabitha along with their daughter Jessica and cousins Jacob and Noah came along too! The kids went on this ride called the Kamikaze (I think that was the name of it) and had a blast!

Tabitha was talking about another belly that was growing and it wasn't mine.. Haha


As an early anniversary present Joe and I took a trip to San Francisco for one reason only:

Wicked was AMAZING!!! Before the show we went behind the scenes to see some of the costumes and props from the show.

This is the green silicone baby they used in the play. It was heavy enough to be a baby! Too cute!

Joe found this really great hotel just outside of san fran. It was called The Inn at Oyster Point. If you are ever down in that neck of the woods it's a great place to stay.
This was the view from our window and they brought you breakfast every morning!!

After Wicked we drove up to Utah to visit family and friends. My mom and sister also threw me a baby shower!

A lot of people who came brought their children which was really fun because of the games we were playing! There was a "Feed the baby" game where you were blindfolded and had to put applesauce in a cardboard cut out.

And a play-doh game which I got to judge!

And the winner is:

The J F on the baby is for Jackson Frederick. ( Which is the name we decided on by the way!)

I'm so blessed to have such loving family and friends. It was so good to see so many of them while we were down and we miss them so much!!

Well you are sort of caught up with what's going on in the Bippert House. I only have 3 more weeks until my due date so more posts to come very soon!!