Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Random Summer Funniness

This is just a snapshot of how the rest of our summer played out.

The first photo is of girls night out! The five of us have so much fun and my life would be less full and fun without them. :) The day before that photo was taken my hard drive crashed! I thought I had lost everything prior to this photo including all of Jack's birth through the first 8 months of his childhood. All gone in a flash. I was devastated... I took the computer into Apple and they got the hard drive replaced and gave me back the broken one. Our good friends the Marlatts (Who also fill our life with joy and fun!) took the hard drive and saved our pictures!! I will be forever grateful. This time around we have a portable hard drive to back everything up (Phew).
Joe had a lot of business trips this summer so we ended up eating at a lot of really cool places! A couple of DDD's and this great Italian restaurant up in Colville. The dish below is from Picabu Neighborhood Bistro in Spokane. We had fun while at home too. Lots of people visiting, we projected a movie onto one of the trailers, photo's of Jack in this cute hat from H&M, and much much more!

We always have a good time when we go and visit the Stucki's over in Eastern Washington. This time around they got us into Just Dance on the wii. Here's us shaking our groove thang! The last one is the boys doing "It's raining men".

There was also a ward activity that we joined them for with a log saw that Jacob and Joseph did (Jacob's arm was still healing from a break a few months ago) and Emma tried her hand at too!

We did do a bit of camping as well. Some up near Port Angeles and in Yakima. One afternoon in downtown olympia they had a pet parade too. Some of the vehicles and pet costumes were awesome!!

Well Jack hopes you had a good summer because he definitely did. Oh and if you ever get an opportunity to lick a window pane you should try it.

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Jaimie said...

How fun! Must be a little boy thing right now because our's licks the panes as well. :o)