Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bubbles and Birthdays and Beaches, Oh My!

So I know I've been a total slacker so here is what's been going on with the Bipperts the past couple months:


Patti's birthday was in January and to celebrate we went to Cama Beach. When we arrived we had to use these little hand carts to carry our things to the beach. The boys were very helpful!

In the morning we went out to the shore and there are thousands of shells! All of the white you see on the ground is broken shells underneath the chairs.

There was also a boat exhibit, horseshoes and a really cool dam where bald eagles hung out because they released fish from there.

That was about as close as we got...

Buddy's Birthday:

Our good friends invited us to their son Skyler's 1st birthday party. Joe and I went to get him a present and the first thing we saw when we walked in the store was bubbles!! This bad boy pumps out 4,000 bubbles per minute so we had to give it a test run!

Skyler looks like he's wearing one of those eye pieces they would in older times. Cherrio old chap!

I think Rich got a little "sick" of the bubbles. No pun intended.

My husband, being the big kid he is, had to play with the toys as well!

Ocean Shores:

A couple of weeks ago we went with some friends and the missionaries to Ocean Shores because one of the missionaries had never been to an ocean. Luckily it was a gorgeous day (but cold) and it didn't rain at all! We tried our hand at kite flying, moped driving and the local fare. (He also had never tried clam chowder!)

Somebody dared Elder Wheat to run out to the second to last pole, touch it, and run back. He made it out and got smacked by a six foot wave! He was soaked pretty much the rest of the trip. Hehehe

That's what we've been up to! Were still working on a time frame to come out to Utah and what our big vacation is going to be this year... We'll see!!