Tuesday, August 16, 2011

J-man and Chelsey's Wedding (March 12th 2011)

Yay, I'm finally not the only one of my siblings that is married anymore... no pressure on single siblings. We were all very exited for Jordan and Chelsey's wedding so much that Jack and I came down a week early to see everyone.

So let's talk about Jack's first plane ride. Joe couldn't come down early with us so it was just going to be Jack and I flying alone on the plane. Luckily security allowed Joe to walk us to the gate before our flight took off. It was a lot harder to go smoothly through security with all of the extra things you need for a child but we made it on the plane just fine.

Once we were on the plane Jack was next to the window then me of course and this nice gentleman was sitting next to me. (I'll tell you why he was nice in a minute) Jack didn't cry at all during take off and was angelic in the air. I figured I had better change him about halfway through the flight, so I went to the front of the plane where the bathroom/ changing table was and pulled at his pants and got feces on my hand... so I had to walk all the way back to my seat reach over my neighbor grab a change of clothes and garbage sack and walk all the way back up to change Jack. To say the least it was MESSY!!
After we landed the guy sitting next on me helped me with my bag (which he could have stolen and I couldn't have kept up) and I was in UTAH!

We had so much fun we saw my cousin Kirsten and her husband Britton and their two cute daughters who just loved Jack, we ate at one of my favorite restaurants with Nicole and saw Audrey and David and their two lovely girls.


Jordan had bought Joe a shirt and tie that went with the wedding colors and a little tie for jackson but we couldn't find a brown shirt to go with it. So Joe and his mom ended up dying a white one and I think it turned out pretty good huh!

After a long trip and a really easy plane ride home (I think it was because Joe was on that flight) Jackson was plum tuckered out. Sweet boy.

We can't wait to see everyone again in June for the reunion!!